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The Westmoreland County Refugees are the civilian contingent of the 9th Virginia Cavalry. They represent the citizens of Westmoreland County Virginia, where the majority of Company C was formed. Westmoreland County is located in the northern neck of Virginia, and bordering the Potomac River. The population of Westmoreland County was largely made up of farmers, fishermen, and working-class laborers, with a smattering of lawyers, doctors, merchants, and teachers. Virginia saw some of the heaviest fighting during the Civil War and many civilians were displaced from their homes, either temporarily or for long periods of time. They usually sought refuge from family and friends in neighboring towns, but some permanently relocated out west. Refugees might have traveled with all their worldly possessions, or they might have fled with only the clothes on their backs. The Westmoreland County Refugees strives to present the full range of the southern experience, focusing our impressions on the working-class, average American. Our clothing guidelines reflect the population of Westmoreland County and their experiences. We encourage our members to pursue extensive research before beginning to assemble their impressions.

Here are some resources specific to the 9th VA Cavalry:
Men's Guidelines
Women's Guidelines
Children's Guidelines

If you plan on making your impression, The Sewing Acadamy is a great reference.

If you are planning on purchasing your impression, there are some sutlers below. Just be advised that you should not purchase something without talking to someone knowledgeable in the unit. The best thing is to come to an event and ask lots of questions before purchasing anything

Commander Brent Young
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